PE Weather Protocol

St. Therese Academy – PE Heat/Rain Protocols

At St. Therese, the safety and well-being of our students are top priorities we strive to maintain. During Physical Education specifically, our aim is to make sure your children are as comfortable as possible during activity so that they may be more apt to learn and understand the importance of being physically active to foster healthy living habits for the future. Due to the occurrence of San Diego’s rare, but moderately inclement weather, our school has put in place a number of guidelines that will be used when planning Physical Education instruction during these times. Such instances of inclement weather include excessive heat and/or humid conditions, torrential rainfall, or potentially dangerous electrical storms in the near vicinity of the school. In the event of a heat wave that reaches 90 degrees and above, no outdoor activity will be permitted except for walks to and from the community center. On these days, PE will be held inside with climate control (A/C). Days that see temperatures 85 degrees and above will result in limited outdoor activities, including protocols to limit activities that require excessive running or strenuous activities outdoors. As an added assurance that all children are comfortable in their learning environment, the staff of the Physical Education department will monitor and inquire with each student who appears to be having an adverse reaction to the heat of the day. Opportunities for copious water breaks and abundant shade will be made available for all students. In the event of excessive rainfall and or electrical storms, PE will be held inside and no outdoor activity.